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Thank you for joining eCops

Thank you for joining ecops
Registration with eCops will enable you to receive email messages from Cambridgeshire Constabulary.  Registration is available to people who live and work in Cambridgeshire.

Please be aware that Cambridgeshire Constabulary will not, as standard practice, send messages by any other method than email.  The registration process requires you to verify your email address within a few days of registering, so please check your inbox for email after submitting and follow the instructions.

Please remember the password you use when you create your account, it will be stored securely and encrypted so no administrator will be able to see or send your password.  It is important to note that we will never ask you to disclose your password to an administrator.  If you do forget your password you will need to follow a simple process to reset it.

As you register you will be able to select the information you would like to receive.
If you choose to register a Neighbourhood or Home Watch scheme during this registration you are not starting a scheme - you are simply registering your details on our secure database and agreeing to receive information about the next steps.
What if I am already registered?
If you are already registered on another site on the Neighbourhood Alert network (indicated by the logo in the bottom right of this page) such as or, please do not try to re-register here. 

You can receive eCops messages from Cambridgeshire Constabulary from your existing account, simply log into your existing site and ensure that The Police is ticked as an authorised information provider.  If you would like to transfer your existing account to eCops, please email and this will be done for you.

Thank you for your participation, please click the below button to begin your registration

Basic information

Please note: This is not an anonymous system and in order to verify your registration we will require your full name and correct location. This system is secure and your details will not be shared with any other party or used for any other purpose without your express permission as defined in the terms and conditions.
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